14 december 2010

Short summary

I am sitting in Puerto Williams library on a slow internet with only a
short upwind daysail to our final destination Ushuaia. A mixture of
feeling is overwhelming me. The longing for getting home at the same
tiome the exitement of all the experience the trip has given me. How
do you summarize two and a half month in an area still so very
untouched by human and som spectacular when it comes to sceneries and
wild life. I think humbleness is the one summerizing word.

The trip has mixed beautiful calm and sunny days with dolphines playing
in the bow wake with hardship with storm winds and a lot of hard
rain, hail and snow fall. But always these majestic mountains and
glaciers as a back drop, areas so remote and hard to access that I am
sure no man has ever put his foot there before - ever. Mindboggling.

The storm we had last night with gusts over 60 knots has subsided and
the prognose looks good for making our last move tonight. So I will
make this short and with no pictures but continue the blog after my
homecomming with more details and pictures about the trip.


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  1. How wonderful and brave to do such a thing! I can image it will be wonderful for you to get back home but hard to leave the excitement, beauty and peacefulness behind. /JD